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'Steven's ideas should be required for anyone going to college. He has invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling.”

Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives

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How Would it Feel to Get College Paid for, without Student Debt and Regardless of GPA, So You Can Be Free to Live Your Life?

“I shared two of Steven's ideas with my daughter and she used them to receive a scholarship for $16,000 in part because she used Steven's advice and ideas; she literally received $1,000s per hourmore money than she had ever made in her lifetime. My daughter was beyond excited and plans to build on this experience and apply to even more resources because of what Steven shared.”

Julie PinchakMother

Give Yourself the Freedom to Enjoy Your Life By Avoiding Student Loans

Celebrate your life and give yourself the freedom to start the career that you want, start the business you want, start a family when you want—all while saving massively on college costs. 

From: Steven C. Roberts

Dear Parent, Student, or Visitor,

When you decide to take action on what I am about to describe in this letter, you have the potential to save literally $10,000s on college expenses and decades of time, by not wasting money and time on student loans.

Even though we have not met, I know you are looking for better opportunities in life, for either yourself or for those you care about. As you are probably aware, the single biggest factor that’s helped people change their lives is a college education.

College provides more than an education; it opens doors of opportunity. I want to turn that desire into a reality – and I want to do everything I can to help you (or someone you care about) go to college without debt so that can finish college debt-free or better!

You May Actually Be Closer to Having College Paid for than You Realize

Let me tell you that there are literally millions of resources to help you pay for college without student loans and debt.

There are resources for:

“I found over $262,000 in money available for college because of what you taught.”

Bryce, College Student

Module 1

How to Find Over $30,000 (Often Over $100,000) with Scholarships that Work for Your Background

A Resource that Can Help You Save Up to $10,000

Another Resource that Can Help Save Up to $8,000

An In-depth Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA to Help You Claim the Most Possible

C-A-S-H™ and the 5-Step Process to Apply

Benefiting from the 3 Types of Scholarships

Module 2

A Resource that can offer Up to $10,000 for Making Good Choices

Ideas for Parents and What They Can Do to Help

Two Resources that May Help You Save Up to $5,000 per Year on College

529 Education Savings Plans to help save $1,000s

A Free Resource for You to Find Hidden Money

How to Reduce Your College by as Much as 4 Semesters

Module 3

6 strategies that can reduce tuition costs up to 50%

How to find a major you enjoy AND can offer a high paying salary

How to avoid the #1 job-killer that affects 100,000s of students, and increases value to a potential employer

Pseudo-Scholarships™ for doing your homework

Begin to develop your college resource system

A KEY that Will Make Your Application Stand Out

Module 4

Community resources

How you could save up to $21,000

Third-party funding to save up to $5,000

How to find regional grants for school Getting PAID to buy some of your school supplies

I will share my formula that can 10x your essays

Module 5

12 Levels of Getting Scholarships Prioritized by Effectiveness to Help You Have the Best Chance

My Secret Weapon for Citing Sources—Even with Poor English Skills

How to Super-Charge Your Essay

How to Reduce the Time it Takes to Apply to Scholarships and Other Resources Up to 1/10th the Time that It Would

Module 6

How to Grab Attention at the Start of the Essay and How to End Strong

How to Get Letters of Recommendation

What Changes to Make to Your Social Media to Increase an Award

How to Handle a Video Interview

How to Handle In-Person Interviews Internships and Summer Jobs

Module 7

Putting Lessons Into Practice

How to Get the Dean to Help Pay for School

Repeated Use

What to Do as a Last Resort

Module 8

Final Resources: My scholarships for people who completed the course

Tips and Best Practices to Negotiating Your First Job

How to Make a Job Resume


Just by applying a couple of the principles I learned from him within a few minutes, I was able to save just over $2,000 that same day! ...I feel that Steven is not only a wonderful writer, but he is also just as uniquely talented to be able to communicate in very understandable terms to many different age groups.”

– Brad, College Student

BONUS #1: Steven's Collection of Over $3 MILLION in Scholarships

Let's face it, you want money for college and want to know where to find that money for college.

What if I just gave you my collection of over $3 Million in scholarships with all of the links and deadlines to where to apply, would this help?

Not only would this save you time, but just one scholarship you earned from this list could pay for the entire course.

BONUS #2: Steven's Speedsheet to Reduce Time to Apply by 90%

Most people don't want to take the time to apply for scholarships and other resources because they are scared that it will take 20 or more hours per application. What if I could provide you a resource that literally could reduce the time it takes to apply to scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid down to under TWO hours for most applications, would this be helpful? This resource can help you save HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of hours.



I want you to feel completely safe with this transaction so I am going to offer you my unheard of guarantee:

A. 30 Days with Refund IF Complete All Tasks.

B. 1 Year If complete all tasks I will first go through things with you, and then pay you the difference.

Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee

Legally, I cannot guarantee that you will earn any amount of money or that the strategies that I give will work for you--but I can guarantee your satisfaction. 

If within the very first TWO HOURS of the start of the course if you do not feel that I have delivered enough value to help you earn, save, or find AT LEAST 5x THE COST of the entire cost of the course, simply stop watching the webinar and send an email requesting cancelation prior to 2 hours after the start of the course to [email protected] and you will be given a full and prompt refund in the next few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Your Ideas Really Work?

That is a great question. I have helped 100,000s of people—either directly or indirectly, I have been a scholarship judge, guest on over 600 radio stations and podcasts. To date, I have never met a willing parent or student that I could not help find resources to pay for college that far exceed any amount they paid me. What you are really should be asking is: Will your ideas to find resources to pay for college work for me? That actually depends on you: are you willing to learn and implement what I teach you? The ideas and strategies I teach will take work—this is not a get rich quick scheme, but I can give you some massive shortcuts that will reduce the time it takes to apply those resources. One of my bonuses is a list over $3 Million in Scholarships to help you succeed.


What Will the Class Be Like?

You can watch on any device that accesses the Internet. The course will be a recorded webinar and will feature Steven teaching principles, strategies, ideas, and tips. Throughout the lessons, there will be assessments to help you take action (and hopefully get results). There will also be worksheets and additional tools throughout the course.