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'Steven's ideas should be required for anyone going to college. He has invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling.”

Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives

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How Can I Help You Raise Money?

Bulk Book Discounts

Finding College Cash™ is a fun and engaging book—written as a story, it teaches students and their parents how to pay for a college education without going into debt.

Finding College Cash™ offers proven strategies for finding scholarships and grants—reducing the time it takes to apply for them, and increasing a student’s chances to win. Additionally, the book teaches a money management system to help control and track expenses, simplify finances, and increase overall money awareness. The book is easy to follow and fun to read and has practical action steps at the end of each chapter. This is a book that will be fun to read and informative. Steep discounts up to 89% off retail for large orders.

Invite Steven to Provide a Workshop or Virtual Event

Whether you are a school, a charity or non-profit, church group, or a company supporting a cause, Steven can help your members and their families learn strategies to pay for college. Sales are split 50-50 with groups that provide the venue and register at least 30 paid attendees.

Steven offers 1 or 2 day workshops to suit your needs.

Finding College CASH Online Class

Want a more in-depth option? Join the Finding College Cash Online Master Class to gather the resources to find resources to help pay for college. Sales are split 50-50. This is a great way to raise money to pay for school.