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'Steven's ideas should be required for anyone going to college. He has invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling.”

Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives

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Avoid the DANGERS of Student Loans
How You Can Protect Yourself from this Hidden Danger

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Attention Parents and Students


Special Report: The Dangers of Student Loans 

Why the Plague of Student Loan Debt is Gripping America and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Those that You Care about from $100,000s in Debt and Wasting 20 Years of Your Life. 


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What People Say About Steven

"I'm eager to share his ideas with my children"

"Steven has brought together a wealth of excellent resources for paying for college. I'm eager to share his ideas with my children, to help them fund their education. Any parent or student seeking to pay for college should seriously consider [Steven's advice]."

– Leslie Householder, Mother of Seven, Bestselling author of The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius

"No matter what major or grade point average ...listen to Steven"

“Student loans and the interest incurred are crippling young people who thought they would have a great life if only they got a better education. Steven C. Roberts has some great advice for those students... and explains how they can get through college without student loans ~ no matter what major they're taking or their grade point average. ...If you know anyone who is in college or university, or who will eventually be enrolling, you need to [listen to Steven]!” ”

Steve Kovacs, Host of the Kovacs Perspective

"Steven definitely made an impact"

"As part of my job as a high school counselor, I regularly advise students and help them prepare for college and point them to scholarships and other resources; I learned several new ideas and methods from Steven for helping the students I advise and even my own children.… Steven definitely made an impact for our students and parents.”

– April Sagala, Counselor, Jordan High School

"I felt cornered into student loans... Now feel excited knowing all the financial opportunities"

“I had no idea that even when bankruptcy is declared, student loans are still not exempt. Blew my mind.... The information and principles were especially relevant as my husband and I have felt cornered into student loans as I return to finish my degree. Now we feel excited knowing of all the financial opportunities that are explained.”

– Chaun Jacobs, Parent, Working Professional, and Adult Student

"Loaded with proven strategies"

"[Steven] is loaded with proven strategies to lower college costs, get an excellent education, and graduate debt-free. Wow!”

– Brian Tracy, Author of “Goals!” and a Professional Speaker

"Save a lot of trouble and heartache by applying even just a few of the principles outlined"

"Parents or young college students who don't want to finish their college career with a mountain of debt can save themselves a lot of trouble and heartache by applying even just a few of the principles outlined... There is no need to pay for college the rest of your life and be encumbered by student loans..."

– Abbie Aullman, Parent and Business Owner

About Author

Steven C. Roberts

Steven knows what it is like to wonder how to pay for college. When he at college age, his sister was in a car wreck and their parents paid her medical bills. Steven had just a few $100 to his name he can remember being scared and panicked not knowing what to do.

With the help of mentors, lots of research, and effort, Steven was blessed to receive 35 scholarships and grants and getting more money than what college cost--without being an athlete or having a perfect GPA. When Steven started working in industry, he found that coworkers were paying the equivalent of a 2nd mortgage; this sparked a desire for Steven to help others avoid the pains of student loans. Since that time, he has been a bestselling author in 5 categories, public speaker, and guest on over 600 radio stations and podcasts.

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